HIMALAYA SERAPHIM Protection for Yogis

10mm Seraphanite and 8mm five faced Rudraksha.

Five faced Rudraksha enhances harmony in ones life and increases spiritual energy Worn as a powerful tool for awakening consciousness and deepening the connection with self in meditation. It protects against negative energy and helps the wearer merge in Shiva Consciousness. Shiva is the source of Yoga and the infinite energy pervading everything. 

Seraphinite was named after Seraphim, the highest order of angels assigned to healers and light workers, helping to guide them in unfolding their gifts and healing abilities so they may benefit all beings in the world. The energy of this mala attracts the strength and support of Seraphim(s) to the wearer in a most delicate, definitive way. It gives the strength and support required to believe in one’s intuition and express the truth, regardless of how it may be received at the time. 

It allows for the awakening of the greatest good for oneself and all concerned with the wearer and to trust in the guidance with regards one’s true expression - leading to enlightenment. It helps the ‘healers’ and ‘light-workers’ of this world fully believe in themselves so that whatever doubt reminds in one’s soul is released and all seeming imperfection is sacrificed. This leads to the realisation of inherent perfection. 

The Seraphanite helps channel energy from the universe into the evolution for one’s soul, it will increase communication with higher energies and brings the light and love to earth. A step beyond boundaries, this mala imbibes the knowledge of your worth with respects to handling others and the limits you need to preserve your value and sanctity.

May you be the Light of the World. Open to new dimensions you never thought existed and re-claim your power. 

*Made to fit, include your wrist measurement in the notes at checkout, standard is made to fit 15.5cm wrist.