8 Mukhi Rudraksha | Riddhi & Siddhi

Rare and precious 8 Mukhi pendant on adjustable red thread, ideally worn at the heart.

Sourced from Nepal, original Himalayan Rudraksha.

Considered to bring extreme luck to the recipient, this Rudraksha bestows the blessing and energy of Lord Ganesh, remover of obstacles and inhibitions. Negative effects from past actions are believed to be removed and ones life path becomes clear. 

This Rudraksha is believed to sharpen ones intellect and leadership abilities, recommended and best for intellectuals. The wearer of 8 mukhi releases all misery and avoids sorrow. His / her opponents minds get transformed and obstacles are removed. 

It the puranas it is believed to bestows the qualities of Lord Ganesh; Riddhi and Siddhi that is wealth, name, fame and fortunate success.

You will feel connected to the source, inspired to daily spiritual practice that flows with ease and negativity will vanish from your life.

There are many powerful benefits to wearing this rudraksha at the heart for one with a strong mind and seeking to avoid the waves they inevitably create through their life and career, instead enjoying the reward without inhibition or adversaries. It is powerful and should be worn by one willing to work in istive ways for the benefit of the world.    


The red thread denotes Shakti and activates the energy of Rudraksha. You may replace this with a pure Gold chain, or new red thread when required. 

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