The Meaning of Mala Beads

The essence of a Mala is to support your spiritual life and nurture the qualities within that help to achieve the goal of life; Self-Actualisation. 

A mala always helps us remember, amidst our daily duties and obligations what our purpose is and that we are spiritual beings have an earthly experience. Unfortunately we forget this and constantly struggle within areas of our life that are not in our control. It’s not until we enter or see a place of worship, go to yoga, practice meditation and affirmations or spend time in the company of someone deeply spiritual that we remember what our life is all about…..and what we should spend our spare time doing.

It is for this reason and to keep us on track, that blessings have been given in the form of items we can carry and wear at all times and to remind us of our purpose. In wearing a mala, blessed by a Saint we are reminded of the deep connection with the ever flowing source of happiness within. When we recognise this inner peace despite what’s happening around us we can remain content and smile, not because everything is perfect but because we have realised we are already perfect within. This is the actual power of wearing a Blessed Mala. 

 I often get asked what do mala beads do

and how do they work.

For many of us, like me, we simply hold in faith the significance, power and age old use of mala beads (necklaces of special beads) and recognise them as holding something incredibly significant. It's only later and through wearing them that we discover yes, these beads are extraordinary. For others, perhaps less exposed to India, meditation and the masters who use and preach about them it's more of an unfamiliar territory and one filled perhaps with more suspicion than fact.  
Like most things spiritual and mystical we need a certain amount of belief and trust to even open our mind and heart to the experience of wanting to wear a mala. And since it does take a certain level of focus, feeling and awareness to actually feel what they do, it's perhaps not for some time after even purchasing one that we learn to feel the power of it.   
The Rudraksa seeds themselves are deeply spiritual beads to Yogis, Saints and wise men throughout India, Nepal and Indonesia.  These vast countries have seen countless sages throughout time and very often after their passing it's these beads which are left behind in the care of those whom they pass on their spiritual legacy. If non-one succeeds them they are often left on the altar, in temples, museums or a place of significance.
It is believed that these beads hold the power of connecting our consciousness back to it's source, and when we use them with respect, for meditation and prayer we easily reach the state of Pure Awareness, 'Shiva Consciousness' or Release from worldly 'drama' and it's associated problems. In essence we can experience freedom on a daily basis through the help of Rudraksha.  
This effect has a great amount to do with the origin of the Rudraksha seed, and therefore the vibration the seed holds. The Rudraksha is believed to have been formed through the flow of Shiva's (Universal Light, Truth and Beauty) tears that were shed in compassion for mankind, hence they take us back to That, which is Pure Awareness. Consciousness.    I have designed these malas with crystals so that we can use and wear them all the time and throughout the day, without looking 'weird', not that I think we ever do, but years of feedback have told me so! I've been a Yoga teacher for 15 years, and often my students would let me know how much they loved their mala but couldn't wear it all the time at work or functions and even with family.
The combination with healing and highly beautiful crystals and gemstones will hopefully allow everyone to make use of the Rudraksha all the time, while also experiencing the healing power of gemstones ......which I will also discuss in a later post. 
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OM Namaha Shivaya