SHAMAN’s Mala with Tourmaline

7.5mm Tourmaline, Rudraksha, Sterling Silver with Gold polish and Silk. 

The energy of Tourmaline acts to clear, maintain and stimulate the energy of all chakras and the countless energy lines that run through the human body (72.000!).

It can be used to attract inspiration, diminish fear and encourage self-confidence. It supports the balancing of the internal masculine and feminine energies providing balance of mind, heart and soul. 

Tourmaline was used to provide direction as to what will bring the highest good and recognised as the teller stone in east Indian culture, it is helpful in providing insight during times of struggle with visioning the life path and the actions or emotions one must take to move forward. 

Used by the African, American Indian and Aboriginal shaman to bring healing and creative powers it also helps with foreseeing adversity and offering the clarity of what one is to do. It promotes the awakening of the spirit and how to unite it in the universal self. 

Bringing forth love and spirituality it promotes joy and peace during times of growth and change.It elicits trust in oneself and helps advancement along the life path you have chosen to walk on earth. 

RUDRAKSHA, the seed of pure consciousness, connection to source and the foundation of each mala, is the brown seed, it draws you inwards to experience your true self. 

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