Age of Truth SATYA YUGA | Rare Larimar Mala

High Vibrational rare AAAA Grade Larimar, Rudraksha, Sterling Silver.

Larimar is the stone of personal truth and earth healing, it represents peace and clarity, emitting the energy of total love and acceptance for overall healing.

This mala facilitates inner wisdom and gently guides the wearer in expressing their truth in order they may manifest their chosen reality and life path. It is a tremendous healing power and support for those seeking to honour their calling and receive the universal love within, for their feet to walk on the chosen path in this lifetime.

With the help of this Mala's energy recognise the chains which have been self-imposed and release these constraints in order to experience freedom, releasing patterns through life times that have caused bondage. Shivoham's Larimar Mala assists one achieving freedom from the material world and offers deep understanding of why we are here. It further helps one to accept responsibility and surrender, in peace and truth. 

If you are drawn to this Mala, it's the universe calling you. It asks you stay true to what's most beneficial for you. Use this mala to stimulate your heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras for the experience of your bliss; the essence of Larimar.  

Larimar helps one receive new energies that are beneficial to growth, as required at this time, for this reason and others it is a very personal stone, if you are drawn to it, there is purposeful reason.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram - The Truth is Consciousness and Bliss