KUNDALINI CHAKRA Mala | Cycle of Being & Becoming

Powerful Mala for Realising Peace.

Awakening, Activating and Pulsatng electrical energy.  

6mm Himalayan Clear Quartz, Charoite, Apatite, Aquamarine, Green Aventurine, Citrine, Sard Onyx, red Jasper, Herkimer Diamond, Sterling silver with gold polish Flower of Life Shivoham made fine pendant. All gemstones AAA Grade, Himalayan Rudraksha, silk knotting and solid finishes.  

Highly activating, healing and purifying energy mala for those working on self-development towards enlightenment. 

The energies combined here cleanse the chakras and allow a free flow of life energy through the entire system. This Mala activates and supports ones true Dharma, the journey of union - Jivatma (individual self) with Paratma (universal self).

Realisation of the destination makes the journey easier and supports the movement through challenges with grace and awareness, find support in this mala to learn from experience so that progress is made towards your goal and fulfilment is found through the journey of spiritual life. 

Kundalini Mala is a boost of fresh, clearing and powerful energy to activate the chakra system and 72,000 nadis (energy channels). A catalyst for growth and support, you know this journey of awakening is the most important. 

Meditating on the flower of life consciousness awakens, the large circle encompasses all micro representations of itself (the smaller circles) and all is interconnected forever. This is the beauty of life and the realisation of this mala, a reminder and adornment of truth.

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