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GAURI SHANKAR Perfect Union Mala

 Shiva Shakti Rudraksha, AAA Moonstone, Rare Pink Opal. Gold

This mala speaks of Love, Union, Perfection and Liberation. 

Two naturally joined Rudraksha are called Gauri Shankar and symbolise Shiva and Shakti pure consciousness and manifestation. This is an extremely rare Himalayan Rudraksha seed which blesses the wearer with gifts of spiritual awakening and evokes universal love, opening new universes within the wearer.

When Shiva and Shakti within become one, we become whole. This union leads to balance, harmony, freedom, liberation and contentment 

This mala offers is removes obstacles and sorrow from ones life. Enabling one to merge into the Divine. It's also greatly supports pure love between husband and wife. Regarded as the best Rudraksha seed for peace and comfort in the family. 


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