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GAURI SHANKAR Perfect Union Mala

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 Shiva Shakti Rudraksha, AAA Moonstone, Rare Pink Opal. Gold

This mala speaks of Love, Union, Perfection and Liberation. 

Two naturally joined Rudraksha are called Gauri Shankar and symbolise Shiva and Shakti pure consciousness and manifestation. This is an extremely rare Himalayan Rudraksha seed which blesses the wearer with gifts of spiritual awakening and evokes universal love, opening new universes within the wearer.

When Shiva and Shakti within become one, we become whole. This union leads to balance, harmony, freedom, liberation and contentment 

This mala offers is removes obstacles and sorrow from ones life. Enabling one to merge into the Divine. It's also greatly supports pure love between husband and wife. Regarded as the best Rudraksha seed for peace and comfort in the family. 


Pink Opal

Spiritual Awakening - Creativity - Release

Opal amplifies ones traits and characteristics providing an inspiration to overcome lesser attributes and recognise the feeling of creativity within oneself. It gives comfort in expressing spontaneous creativity that comes from within and releases inhibitions. It is used to instil faithfulness and loyalty with regards to love and personal relationships and gives the understanding of ones personal ‘higher’ potentials and the glad acceptance of ones inherent perfection. It makes way for new life experiences and aspirations to rise. The awakening of mystical qualities is often experienced wearing this crystal and this power can be utilised to enhance personal understanding of the sacred realms of existence.

Pink Opal is especially beneficial in releasing ‘old’ patterns and is known as the rare crystal of ‘spiritual awakening’.   



Feminine - Emotions - Healing - Harmony 

Moonstone has been revered as a perfect expression of the feminine energy and her connection with the changing nature of life, it helps women to connect with and honour their cycles, their femininity and grace, all necessary to achieve harmony and lasting happiness. The moonstone is a vehicle of calm, peace and balance.

The tranquility of moonstone has a sensual, other-worldly quality to it and is infused with an enchanting soft glow, receptive like the feminine yet bold and creative like her deeper nature, it harmonises the energies of every women and offers a very nourishing vibration that works towards healing any imbalances. Moonstone the master healer for women -helping you regain and maintain your true power and inner balance.

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