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GAURI SHANKAR Perfect Union Mala

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Shiva Shakti Rudraksha (Gauri Shankar), AAA grade rare Moonstone, Rare Pink Opal. Gold caps and polised cresent moon, silk tassel.

This mala speaks of Love and Perfection. 

Two naturally joined Rudraksha are called Gauri Shankar and regarded as the form of Shiva & Parvati; pure consciousness and the manifested universe. It is rarely found and blesses the wearer with the gifts of spiritual evolution and inner consciousness.

This mala evokes universal love from the wearer.

This mala is so much full of influence that it causes development and expansion of the universe within, due to its being the unified and identified form of Shiva Shakti. 

This mala offers a powerful and unique blessing and is a cleansing power of the consciousness, it removes obstacles and sorrow from ones life. Enabling one to merge into the Divine. 

It's also for pure love between husband and wife. Therefore, regarded as the best for peace and comfort in the family. Honouring the Gauri Shankar frees one from trouble. A very powerful healing mala. 

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