AVATAR Embodied Soul Purpose Mala | One Mukhi Rudraksha

Total embodiment of soul purpose & wish fulfiller. Avatar blessed Mala. One Mukhi Rudraksha is revered as the embodiment of Shiva and fulfiller of spiritual and material wishes. Grants Happiness and Joy of Life. 

Magical and impressive. The embodiment of soul purpose to help you achieve your purpose. Embodying Shiva Power and Shakti Manifestation. This is an energy beyond words, greatly supportive in expanding the mind and revealing ways to fulfil your soul purpose and spiritual realisation. 

The Rudraksha Guru Bead EK MUKHI on this mala is considered the most powerful and auspicious gift of nature. It is the rarest of the Rudraksha seeds and is widely revered as the symbol of Shiva or pure consciousness. It is believed to free one from all kind of blockages and and even from the cycle of re-birth. It is also seen as the symbolic link of earth and Divine and leads one to experience pure consciousness or enlightened states while living. It's used to grant wishes, give material and spiritual success and achievements without attachment to them. 

It's creating a whole new reality of abundance, freedom, grace and pure thoughts and energy. This 'Avatar Mala’ I’ve called it, is about being on life's ultimate purpose. I am wearing mine all the time now and feel the blessings that have been imbibed through the ancient ceremony to awaken the powers in the Rudraksha for self-actualisation, representing  the completion and fulfillment of life’s mission. 

Citrine supports you in the recognition of eternal abundance and as you do you'll attract all that body, mind, heart and soul desires and manifest the magnificence of what you truly deserve, if you are to recognise there is nothing you are unworthy of.  

Herkimer Diamond is truly powerful and helps one to begin again in this lifetime, it also offers a delicate harmony and enhances awareness, allowing ones essential nature to experience both the surrender and strength of advancement. This special diamond helps one actualise all that is, and always was, within. 

Obsidian activates empowerment and reminds you of the magnificent talents you have within, strengthening and protecting you so they come to light. 

A very rare and honoured Mala, this beautiful piece has been activated, blessed and awakened so you feel as though your destiny is fulfilling and you are one with God. 



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