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Shivoham Gallery and Studio is a Pause in Time

Dedicated for Inner Growth. With Full and New Moon Meditations, Authentic courses and walls of Malas and their meanings you'll find a place like none other.  

Shivoham is a Cocoon of Calm

Known for its healing energy Shivoham is and offering to inner wellbeing with courses and classes held weekly.

Shivoham means 'One with the Truth'

Established by Shivjyoti, as an extension of her commitment and as a reminder of the reality we seek; knowingly, or unknowingly; to realise our potential. 

Mala Boutique & Studio


"From the moment I enter I start healing".Margie Fry 

"The studio and teachings have such a beautiful energy, it is truly a connected haven of loving kindness." - Anita C. 

"A sacred space." - Kaleo North 

"The classes remind me of real Yoga, like in India." - Lyndall Mitchell.