Himalayan Quartz with Herkimer Diamond Mala Bracelet and Five Face Rudraksha with Herkimer Diamond Mala Bracelet. 

This SPECIAL Set is for all devoted Yogis, our offering to your Sadhana, Practice and Teaching. May you ever spread the the Divine light. 

Inspiration, Source and Protection for the Yogi. This two bracelet set represents Shiva and Shakti, the energy of perfection union, awakening and the light the flows from above to below. Feel the union within you for the care you give to all creation. We invite you to feel the blessings.

Especially valuable to Yoga teachers and sincere students on the path. 


As with all our bracelets; please include your exact wrist measurement at checkout, if left blank we will make to a standard size - which fits 98% of women (15.5cm wrist). OM Namaha Shivaya