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VISSUDHI Speaking for your Higher Purpose Mala

Awaken the power of truth, empowered speech and speaking to impart your highest calling and inspire others.

This mala encourages you to have confidence in your intuition, thoughts and guidance so you speak with emotional sincerity, intelligence and honesty. All true gifts of a talented public speaker.

For any throat issues and difficulty with communication, this Mala is a boon. The combined energies of these crystals with Rudraksha offer incredibly potent supplies of inspiration, insight and clarity needed to convey insights and new world ideas. 

Very often lightworkers have been held back from childhood and lack confidence in themselves and their abilities, you may feel unable to share whats 'known' or perhaps lack the right words to convey it. This mala is the remedy. Feel deeply connected to your personal highest calling, acknowledge the insights and inspiration you receive as gifts from the Divine and following through! You are needed in this world. 

Apatite strengthens the intellect and promotes realisation of ones inherent strength through spirituality and love. Apatite works magically with other crystals as is strengthens the inherent properties of everything around it. Apatite's energies are related to service and humanitarian pursuits. It is an extremely valuable crystal for those who teach and recognise the importance of sharing insights and communicating messages. Kunzite stimulates the heart chakra to produce clear insightful words and vision. This crystal synthesises the energies within to produce loving communication. It connected one to the infinite source of Love which provides purification on all levels. Labradorite allows you to feel the energy needed to move beyond fear and self-doubt. Labradorite helps you remember to live in your highest vibration and be of service through your voice and positive expression. Moonstone is the master healer for women - helping to gain and maintain your true power and inner balance, shining your light as a true Goddess in this world.

Rudraksha is the pure seed of consciousness, allowing for power, protection and positive projection through all you do.

This is a mala for the teachers and healers in our world, long kept quiet or who have sheltered themselves to much by fitting in. It is now time to shine on your own and be seen and heard for who you 'truly' are. You will be accepted, you are loved and your words and purpose has value to everyone you meet. Have trust, have faith and live up to the vision you hold for yourself.

Blessed through ancient ceremony and infused with mantras to awaken all the energies and potential of the Rudraksha and crystals, this mala is a combination of many best selling crystals.



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