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USHA Sunrise Bracelet

Aquamarine & Citrine with Herkimer Diamond & Sterling Silver coated Rudraksha 

Haha means sunrise and is connected with the energy of Awakening. Like the Sunrise it instills in you the hope and dreams of a new dawn that is bound to ensure everything flourishes. It gives courage and sensitivity towards the preparations needed for what lies ahead. Know your are fully protected and able to MANIFEST as needed to achieve your great goals that are awakening before your eyes. This Mala also supports balance and assists in a free flow of life force within and through the chakras, ensuring greater good is achieved through the actions you are taking.

The Bracelet helps one attune to spiritual levels of awareness especially beneficial to those involved in spiritual development and the skill of communicating to others new ways of doing things that are beneficial to all. 

Maintain balance, cleanse the throat chakra and facilitate higher levels of communication because your work is now taken to a whole new level. Don't forget you are worthy of abundance and all the gifts life can bestow.