Hand carved Sri Yantra in Himalayan Qiuartz, AAA grade crystals (always) Citrine, Gold Quartz, Malachite, Obsidian and Herkimer Diamond. 925 Sterling Silver with 18k Gold polish. 

Designed for those on the path of their calling and potential. The ones who seek to achieve awakening and abundance in the process of building the dream they are for with and have the courage to fulfil. 

This mala supports visionaries as it offers power and poise , supportive through challenges, encouraging determination and ultimately embracing success. 

Harness all your energy and know your work in the world and inner path is one and leads you to self-actualisation. 

Embodying your resolve for perfection, continue your dream, it's born with you for a reason and will benefit the world around you, it’s your path of completion. 

Citrine: Wealth - Creativity - Abundance - Healing

Feel a steady stream of abundance flowing to you, all financial concerns will soon vanish and you'll live with the feeling of abundance. Release fears connected to your needs and become thankful for all that you receive through the loving energies of citrine. You deserve to have what your heart desires. Lovingly recognise the eternal abundance and know that as you do so, all your desires will miraculously manifest into being. 

Himalayan Quartz: Harmony - Meditation - Protection - Purity - Health - Infinite Possibilities 

This most powerful crystal is one of infinite possibilities. It has a capacity of offer whatever you need to ask from or seek it’s help with. For example success, clarity, protection, energy. Clear Quartz clears inhibitions so you live your life on your terms with connection to the divine power that sustains everything. Clear quartz is a remarkable and extremely helpful crystal in any application.

Herkimer Diamonds: Manifestation - Pure Energy - Healing - Universal Energy - Advanced Souls

High energy seekers of the crystal world. They manifest pure, solid Light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. As perfect conduits of the universal Life Force, they are exceptional healing crystals, used in meditation Dream and vision work they offer advanced spiritual experiences. Herkimer Diamonds have the ability to transmit and receive spiritual energy and to amplify and focus it intently.

Malachite: Healing - Change - Insight - Loyalty - Patience - Purpose

Wearing Malachite jewellery heralds a time of positive change and supports profound healing. You will feel compelled to easily let go of the past and see the way of your future being paved ahead of you, be ready to experience the true vision of your self. Malachite helps you realise how much positive has stemmed from your past, no matter how hard it may have been to go through, you are in a better place now, and will be in a much better place in the future. See everything unfolding as a divine gift to help and support you move forward. Place your trust in the hands of the divine and know that all is well and  every choice you have made and is being made now, is necessary and is helping you unfold more love and wisdom through the journey of life. 

Obsidian: Empowerment - Protection - Ideas - Talents

Obsidian reminds you of the magnificent talents you have hidden within you, to date you may have kept them hidden, almost nurturing and protecting them. The fertile landscape within has kept then incubated till now, as it dawns the time for their release into the world you are asked to remember how much love you've put into empowering yourself to share and will now seek the practical means to give your inspirations, ideas and talents as your spiritual gift into the world, it's time to shine your light.

Gold Quartz: Spiritual Consciousness - Transformation - Healing - Connection

Quartz brings the energy of the solar system to the soul of the wearer and aligns our human consciousness with ‘all that is’, our personal understanding determines our ability to use this crystal. It is very beneficial for healers and awakened souls for making greater energies available for humanity. Used to attain and maintain high levels of spiritual awakening and incite healing on all levels this is an excellent crystal for all healing situations and to promote the recognition of methods required for healing to take place.

Rudraksha: The seed of Spiritual Connection

Sri Yantra: Awakening Great Potential, Perfect Power, Peace, Transformation and Protection  

Himalayan quartz is the purest crystal of power which helps harmonise and align our energies, thoughts, emotions and consciousness with the universe. It awakens our greatest potential. 

The Sri Yantra pendant is hand carved multi pyramid triangular grid signifying unlimited abundance and positive powers. It is the most auspicious, important and powerful of all Yantra’s and changes our lives for the better.

Used as a spiritual tool, for deep meditation, clarity, insight and transforming negative energy into purposeful positive energy this piece is a boon. 

The SRI YANTRA Sri Yantra is auspicious, important and powerful. It’s an ancient and extremely positive energy symbol that provides benefits for everyone. It is known as a source which stimulates the attainment of all material and spiritual desires. It’s been studied deeply and shown to effect the bioenergy of the person who uses it ushering in peace, prosperity, harmony and good fortune.