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Sri Yantra | Finest Himalayan Quartz

AAA Grade Himalayan Clear Crystal Quartz, Hand made, premium artisans and perfect symmetry.  

Sri Yantra is the most auspicious, important and powerful of all Yantra’s to change our lives for the better. The larger pieces tend to have a stronger positive radiance that you feel and experience. The Sri Yantra represents Devi. The Mother, the Goddess, the manifested universe and that which nourishes, nurtures and gives. Our relationship with this energy is something that develops over time and the energy of Sri Yantra supports this realisation. 

The SHRI YANTRA is a storehouse of power and auspiciousness. 

Important and powerful, it’s an ancient and extremely positive, a powerhouse of inherent energy due to its mathematical precision. It provides benefits for everyone. All forms of creation are nothing but energy, within this form is the unlimited power of devi, the criss-crossed lines channel her form and create a field of energy that moves life around it in a positive way. It is known as a source which stimulates the attainment of all material and spiritual desires. It’s been studied deeply and shown to effect the bioenergy of the person who is near it, ushering in peace, prosperity, harmony and good fortune. 

Ancient temples had this formation, also under the ground and when you would go there, the whole body energy would balance and we would realise our perfection as part of this universe. Sri Yantra is auspicious, important and powerful. It’s an ancient and extremely positive energy symbol that provides immense benefits for everyone.
It ushers in peace, prosperity, positivity, harmony and exceptional good luck. 
Since ages mystics and gurus have known about and used the power of triangular formulations to save lives, improve health, overcome disease and it's known that many ancient temples and structures were built on the basis of Sri Yantra formation provide wellbeing and eternal life for it's inhabitants. 

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