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Sri Yantra | Finest Himalayan Quartz

AAA Grade Himalayan Clear Crystal Quartz, Hand made, premium artisans and perfect symmetry.  

Sri Yantra is the most auspicious, important and powerful of all Yantra’s to change our lives for the better. The larger the piece the more positive radiance you will feel and experience from it

Sri Yantra is auspicious, important and powerful. It’s an ancient and extremely positive energy symbol that provides benefits for everyone. It is known to stimulate the energy in the home to attain all material and spiritual desires. Most importantly it ushers in peace, prosperity, harmony and good luck. 

The Sri Yantra in the 3 dimensional form is a multi pyramid triangular grid signifying unlimited abundance and positive powers.

Since ages mystics and gurus have known about and used the power of triangular formulations. All the ancient temples of India were built on the basis of Sri Yantra formation, even cities like Kashi (Benares) were designed to reflect this exact form and are considered greatly auspicious to pass away in, it’s said the person will attaining instant liberation. There is significant mystical effect of this formation on the energy of the human body. It is a boon to have one beside the bed, in the car and at home, you notice the positive effects from this pure Himalayan Quartz Sry Yantra immediately. 

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