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SRI YANTRA | SRI CHAKRA | Lavender Amethyst - Violet Light


Your Mala(s), pendants and rudraksha is worn as a sacred adornment that reflects your soul intention. For ideal benefits wear them every day and keep beside your bed at night. Wearing, you receive and imbibe more energy, which alters your vibration and attracts new positive thoughts and experiences. From three to four months you’ll notice these and other significant changes.

The Rudraksha pendant red thread is ideally replaced with a fine gold chain after the first year. Shivoham altar items and crystal statues should be kept near you or central in your home.

Used to deepen meditation with a mantra and support your spiritual path. We welcome your contact for help selecting the right malas or rudraksha.


AAA Grade Lavender Amethyst. Limited edition.  

A Yantra is an instrument that stores an enormous amount of power, due to its mathematical precision its concrete form is a powerhouse of inherent energy, radiating Divine power. This special piece facilitates third eye awareness and intuition; promoting clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance. It helps with mastery and integration for all aspects of ones personality. With this piece kept in close proximity one's thoughts and feelings become pure spiritual light with clarity and insight.

Sri Yantra is the most auspicious, important and powerful of all Yantra’s (Mandalas) to change ones life for the better. Sri Yantra represents Devi, the Goddess who created the universe and whom nourishes, nurtures and protects us. Sri Yantra supports ones inner realisation and creates a positive energy field. 

Important and powerful, it’s an ancient and extremely positive, a powerhouse of inherent energy due to its mathematical precision. It provides benefits for everyone. All forms of creation are nothing but energy, within this form is the unlimited power of the goddess, the criss-crossed lines channel her form and create a field of energy that moves life around it in a positive way. It is known as a source of happiness that stimulates desire and the attainment of material and spiritual progress.

When studied it's been shown to effect the bioenergy of persons frequently near it, ushering peace, prosperity, harmony and good fortune into their lives. This energy gets stronger with time and one can expect greater positive outcomes throughout life. 

To activate oneself with the Lavender Amethyst Sri Yantra it's advised to repeat this Invocation whilst holding the Yantra. 

Beloved mighty I AM presence, blaze your heart flame through me so everything this day moves in divine order and perfection. I  AM  determined to live this day the way of my higher presence and ascended masters want me to live it.  

I pour forth all my love, gratitude, blessings and forgiveness to life everywhere, I intensify my call for purity through the use of the violet consuming flame so my world is free from all limitations and struggle.

I call on St Germaine and Arcangel Michael with the light of the violet flame, beloveds  blaze the violet consuming flame through and around any energy that could block, delay or interfere with my being (visualise the violet flame going through every part of the body and Arcangel Michael cutting away any ties that could possibly bind).

I  AM  the harmonious presence, I  AM  the governing presence, governing in perfect divine order, commanding harmony, happiness and the presence of divinity in mind and world.

Beloved legions of angels in the Violet Flame come forth; stand around me today and pour out your radiance for my health, strength, purity and charge my supply.

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