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SPHATIK Himalayan Quartz 8mm

Diamond cut AAA grade Himalayan clear quartz crystal. Rudrakhsa, Silk Tassel and Sterling Silver Cresent Moon.

Awaken your Greatest Potential 

Quartz crystal is known as a stone of power and helps to harmonise and align our energies, thoughts, emotions and consciousness with the universe and thus awaken our greater potential. It is used as a spiritual tool, amongst other purposes for transforming negative energy into purposeful positive energy. 

Quartz Mala beads are held in high esteem by the greatest of masters and yogis for their protective qualities and life giving power, frequently worn by Guru's and Saints since ancient times they are used extensively in meditation and for spiritual development. The Quartz crystal has also been used since ancient times for healing and raising consciousness toward the enlightened state and to receive higher knowledge. 

This mala is authentic, guaranteed high quality, blessed by sages and in the holy river Ganga in Haridwar India, we suggest you also leave the mala under the full moon light and consecrate it with your own prayer for the purpose you wish to wear this special, ancient mala. 

RUDRAKSHA Beads are highly revered and offer significant spiritual advantages to the wearer. 

This mala has been specially blessed by ancient ceremony and following the tradition of consecration and purification. Priests chant mantras at the river Ganga at a sacred site of Haridwar India, the malas are sprinkled with water, dossed with incense and lights and divine blessings are invoked to ensure this mala is a vehicle of connecting to a higher consciousness. 

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