SOMA Nectar | Apricot Moonstone Mala

Rare AAA Grade Apricot Moonstone with Rudraksha and Sterling Silver 

Moonstone is known as the master healer for women, helping you regain and maintain true power and inner balance. This ‘nectar’ mala was created to support you in relating to new beginnings on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It encourages you to allow the 'coming to' of results supporting in the realisation that every beginning is the fruition of an ‘end’.

This mala cleanses negativity from the chakras and aura, enhancing the feminine aspects of ones being and aligning with the power of the universe, creation itself.

Moonstone is often revered as a perfect expression of feminine energy and her understanding of the changing nature of life. It encourages you to honour yourself and allow the perfection of grace, leading to your harmonious evolution and happiness.

The tranquility of moonstone has a sensual, other-worldly quality and is infused with an enchanting glow, it offers a nourishing vibration that assists in healing imbalances of ones psyche. 

The energy of moonstone and rudraksha helps you understand the destiny you have chosen and supports you in realising it. Rudraksha is an ancient spiritual bead connected to Shiva, it creates a cocoon around you and brings harmony and spiritual development into your life.


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