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Peace Mala

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Rose Quartz with Amethyst and Clear Quartz

By wearing this Blessed Mala Necklace you are bathed in love, light and healing energy by the universe and those who love and admire you. This special combination represents Peace and unconditional Love. It engenders total Trust that you are loving and truly Loved, whilst at all times deserving of the blessings that flow to you and around you. This holy rosary will assist your soul in giving the most positive to yourself, and radiating that naturally around you.

Rose quartz is the wonderful crystal for your heart health and universal love, while Amethyst is the spiritual stone of peace and positive transformation. This graceful mala supports the divine qualities ever present within your heart to manifest in life.

A spiritually supportive mala necklace for anyone deeply committed to living in love, harmony, and self-respect while going through profound change and transformation that leads to lasting impact in every area of life.

When we truly give honour and healing to ourself we naturally radiate it outwards. This mala emanates a powerfully positive aura, channelling divine love and healing while instilling a sense of self dignity, self respect and love for all.  

Finished with a Large and perfect amethyst crystal and tassle, this mala is knotted perfectly between each of the highest quality beads. 

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