SHIVARATRI Thursday 11th March 2021

 The most auspicious night of the year for meditation and the experience of Shiva Consciousness; The Light of Truth and Liberation. 

6.30pm discourse starts, 7.30pm Meditation, finishes 8.30pm

The energy available on the night of SHIVARATRI is like a gateway to experiencing reality and the ultimate realisation of self, why we are here, where we are going and what our purpose is here on this earth.

We Meditate on Shiva to purify body, mind, soul, thoughts and consciousness so that our Jivatma (inner self) can dance in the cosmos (be free). We pray that our individual consciousness merges into universal consciousness forever.

It is recommended to make time for oneself to become as receptive as possible to receiving energy through meditation, puja, mantra and fasting (health permitting).
These techniques of purification purify body, mind, emotions and connect us with our inner being so we may experience union with source and live our live happy and free. 

Bookings Essential. 

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