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DRISTI Lapis Lazuli 'Clarity' Mala

Pure grade, high quality Lapis Lazuli Mala with sterling silver and Rudraksha. 

6mm beads 

A mala to fall in love with, the quality of lapis is naturally astounding, combined with Rudraksha and Shiva's crescent moon it appeals to all senses and thrills us with it's poise, protection and ability to lift the veils of illusion. 

Lapis Lazuli is known for facilitating the third eye awareness to perceive more than what is seen with the physical eye, it helps one to navigate through life situations that are not as they seem, so that one can walk on the spiritual path with freedom and clear direction.

It represents the initiation into ancient wisdom and the 'knowing' of mystical secrets, only revealed to the one who is ready for achieving the 'perfection' within. 

Lapis is also revered as gemstone of total awareness, stimulating clarity and purification of body, mind and soul. It helps one to evolve spiritually and speak truthfully, openly and with wisdom, bestowing on the wearer self-acceptance and success in relationships. 

This mala of 108 Lapis Lazuli gemstones is a very high quality and has been blessed and sanctified, leaving it under the full moon energises it and its recommended you do this when you can, offering your own shankalpa (personal resolve) to increase the vibration of healing energy and support you need from the mala. 

Mala is knotted in between each bead. 

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