SHIVANI Yogi Mala Bracelet

Rudraksha Bracelet - Silver Coated Rudraksha
Symbol of Lord Shiva; Truth, Consciousness, Beauty

Five faced Rudraksha (panch mucki) are for harmonising ones life and spiritual energy so that progress is made on the path to self-realisation. The rudraksha mala is a powerful tool for awakening of consciousness and deepening of meditation. It is worn to protect against all sorts of negative energy, so that the wearer is protected and kept safe.

To wear Rudraksha is to move towards Shiva Consciousness which is the ultimate truth for a yogi. Shiva is the source of all that is Yoga, and that leads to union, so in reaching Shiva consciousness we reach the infinite that is beyond anything. This is the true goal of Yoga and the true purpose of wearing Rudraksha. Rudraksha contains the energy of Shiva. 

Panchmukhi Rudraksha Five-faced beads or panchmukhi is safe and good for everyone. It is for general wellbeing, health and freedom. It lowers your blood pressure, calms your nerves and brings a certain calmness and alertness in your nervous system. 

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