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Private Yoga Therapy

A private Yoga series is an opportunity to focus on what you need for balance and healing in many areas of life. We discuss and focus on areas needing attention, while ensuring overall balance is achieved through a variety of traditional Yoga practices and techniques.

Experience an extensive knowledge of Yogic teachings for healing of the body, mind and spirit, helping you feel at ease wth your self, free of stress and tension and able to make the right choices for your ongoing health; physically, mentally and emotionally.  

With consistent breathing practices throughout the session and combinations of supported and assisted movement with hands on Reiki to release deep tensions, you'll re-balance and find deep relaxation in yourself as your body lets go and heals. 

Meditation is an important aspect of the practice at Shivoham and will be part of each session. Experienced guidance males this an effortless and enjoyable time Leading to the renewal of Joy and zest for life.

Equipment is prepared, soft music, and a homely atmosphere supports you in these nurturing, purpose created sessions.   

Call 9598 1809 to discuss which sessions are right for you and to see if we have a time that suits. 

Email, or reply to your booking confirmation e-mail

We look forward to sharing the far reaching benefits of authentic Yoga with you.