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Perfection Mala

81 or 108 bead Mala with Sri Yantra; Citrine, Gold Quartz, Malachite, Gold Polished Rudraksha, Obsidian and Herkimer Diamond. 

This Perfection Mala was made for those on the path of their greatest potential. Who have decided to walk their calling and have begun, with things in motion and success taking form this mala and crystal combination reminds you to take care of the details, stay grounded each day thereby achieve awakening and abundance in the process of building the dream born through you.

This mala supports big vision people to maintain due diligence and poise. It is for harmony and achievement, harnessing the greatest energy of all, that of self-actualisation through fulfilling your Dharma, your duty on earth.

Divine Mother, feminine goddess support you through the Sri Yantra and crystals. And Rudraksha, the seed of pure consciousness always keeps you in oneness with the Divine.  

You are destined for success, continue your dream because it's being born through you for the benefits of the world around you.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you. 

Being an 81 bead Mala it sits closer to the heart chakra in length and pairs well with the Avatar Mala

Om Satya Namaha : The Truth is Eternal

Om Namaha Shivaya : Universal Consciousness is One