K2, Blue Lace Agate, Rudraksha, Herkimer Diamond, Moonstone, Sterling Silver 

Sterling Silver is an activator for all the amazing AAA grade gemstone crystals included here to lift your soul into a new paradigm and new experience of life. 

Rare and powerful K2 combines light, intuition, strength, power and fortitude; bringing amazing results into all areas of ones life. This bracelet is designed to support inner strength to move your soul in the direction of your destiny.   

The energies here also relate to the heart and third-eye chakras, activating them to bring one into a higher frequency state of awareness. Also provides exceptional inspiration when used to connect with ones higher self. 

The addition of Herkimer diamonds acts to amplify spiritual energy by manifesting pure solid light, they act as perfect conduits for universal life force.

With Moonstone this bracelet has an added softness, allowing grace to support the transition, helpful when you know you are called but struggle to have faith in yourself. Moonstone has been revered as a perfect expression of feminine energy, the master healer for women, it helps you regain and then maintain true power. 

*All bracelets are made to fit a women's wrist size of 15.5cm unless you include your wrist size in the notes at checkout so we customise for you.