MUDITA Pleasure of Joy bracelet

Moonstone, Sunstone, Aquamarine, Himalayan clear Quartz & sterling silver. 

Harmony and vicarious joy - delighting in ones own joy and others well being. Appreciation and Happiness.

The most powerful crystal Himalayan quartz is one of infinite possibilities. It has a capacity of offer whatever you need to ask from it. 

Moonstone is revered as a perfect expression of heartfelt feminine energy and connection to changes in life, it helps women connect and honour each other to achieve harmony and lasting happiness. Moonstone is also the vehicle of calm, peace and balance so is beneficial in developing deep communication. 

Sunstone brightens all the energy centres which allows one to exhibit freshness. It removes hook-ups which have infiltrated the energy centres allowing them to be released and surrounding Oneself and others in pure love and positive energy. 

Aquamarine Stimulates, activates and cleanses the throat chakra, facilitating communication. It emits gentle and compassionate energy. As the crystal of courage it enhances the ability for responding and feeling preparedness, aligning the chakras it helps balance the network of energy channels. Bringing one into a state of ease and grace. 

*standard women’s bracelet is made to fit 15.5cm wrist, leave us a nite at checkout if your require custom sizing, include your actual wrist measurement.