MANTRA Meditation

A workshop designed for you to learn to receive the energy of the mala and use it to it's potential. Shivjyoti will explain the use and power of mantra, authentic and correct use of the mala and an ideal mantra for meditation. Coming from a lineage and leading to pure awareness and liberated states of consciousness this workshop will be valuable for anyone who owns (or is seeking) a mala and wants to understand how to meditate effectively to experience connection with their inner being.   

Throughout the workshop your ability to transform your life through mantra meditation will become evident and you'll learn practices you'll want to continue life long. Packed with powerful, practical and effective techniques Shivjyoti will offer support for you to deepen your daily practice. 

Throughout guided practices and key information you'll learn how to develop concentration, clarity and equanimity, supporting spiritual awareness and with regular, ongoing daily practice you'll harness the power beyond your mind and experience peace that is your birthright.   

Cushions, blankets, meditation stools and mats will be ready for you.

What to bring; 

Your mala, if you have one, shawl or scarf, your own cushion (optional), water bottle. 

Bookings Essential 

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