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Your Mala(s), pendants and rudraksha is worn as a sacred adornment that reflects your soul intention. For ideal benefits wear them every day and keep beside your bed at night. Wearing, you receive and imbibe more energy, which alters your vibration and attracts new positive thoughts and experiences. From three to four months you’ll notice these and other significant changes.

The Rudraksha pendant red thread is ideally replaced with a fine gold chain after the first year. Shivoham altar items and crystal statues should be kept near you or central in your home.

Used to deepen meditation with a mantra and support your spiritual path. We welcome your contact for help selecting the right malas or rudraksha.


Significance of Mala Beads and how to use them.  

Held At:  Shivoham 83 Ludstone Street, Hampton

Talk & Meditation (next date TBA) 6:30pm - 8:00pm   With: Shivjyoti  

Inspiring peace and connection to our inner, often unconscious longings, Mala beads have been used throughout time as a tool to connect with our inner wisdom, source and guidance. Used for meditation they help us achieve self awareness and harmony, leading to Self-actualisation. The vibration in each Shivoham Mala is strong and supports you to achieve your full potential. Learn about these beads and why they are strung together as a garland to exactly 108, how to use them for meditation and what process happens through the wearing of each piece.  

With over 70 mala designs in the Shivoham Gallery you are invited to take a journey with us through and discover this ancient Yogic tool imbibed with blessing and meaning. Practice mantra meditation together and select a mala that's right for you.

Shivjyoti will guide the evening; she is as an experienced teacher, facilitator and monk who mentors those seeking to discover their unique path, bringing awareness to their gifts and who want to achieve lasting transformation, she designs and creates each mala. 

Made with a clear and pure intention each piece in the gallery is for a specific purpose and gives a strong protective shield around the wearer, increasing self-confidence and strengthening the aura, you'll learn about these differences and the quality of our materials to achieve this purpose. The unique vibration of each mala nurture and protect us ensuring we continue to expand and reach our highest potential. This is the blessing in each Shivoham Mala. 

We are so fortunate to contact many ethical mines around he world and have some extremely rare, valuable, unique crystals in each our of the designs. Constantly amazed by the beauty our earth is and how much inspiration flows from nature, our processes are long and detailed. Join us to learn more, ask questions and meditate together. Shivjyoti will help you select a Mala that's right for you at the end of the event if that's what you seek. 

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