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Mala Info Evening

Significance and using Mala Beads + Mantra Meditation

 Tuesday 19th November 7pm  

At:Shivoham Retreat: 83 Ludstone Street, Hampton

Booking Essential via MindBody or 9598 1809 |

FREE Class - Learn about the Significance of the Mala and how to use for Meditation. Why we make them and the purpose of each one, the different crystals and Rudraksha seeds. All are designed in Melbourne, Australia at the Shivoham studio by Shivjyoti. Intuitive, powerful, ancient and highly effective pieces.
Since ancient times Yogis and seers have honoured the value of Rudraksha, it's sourced from the Himalayas in Nepal, with some rare varieties cost $15,000 per bead, making them often more valuable than diamonds. Said to confer bliss, protection and spiritual radiance they have always been used in a mala, as a tool for awakening. Authentic Rudraksha is so rare it's considered a blessing to own, and makes the wearer powerful and progressive. Rudraksha seeds have inumerable benefits of which we will explain more at the session. Also the meaning of 108, the Guru bead, and why they are customarily used in meditation practice.
Shivjyoti combines them with certain crystals which work on the emotions and health of the individual. All medicine has it's origin in nature and true healing comes when we have harmony within ourselves and with our environment.
Learn about different crystals, their effect and why these 'gifts of the earth' are so profound. You can ask any questions and try the malas on to feel and see for yourself what happens.