Mala Garland's & Meanings NGV DESIGN WEEK EVENT

Significance of using Mala Beads for achieving your potential and creating the world you want. 

This event is part of the National Gallery of Victoria MELBOURNE DESIGN WEEK 2021


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Date:  Sunday 28th March 11am - 12 noon Or 5 - 6.30pm 

Held At:  Shivoham: 83 Ludstone Street, Hampton

With: Shivjyoti, Creator of Shivoham Malas   

Introduction to the art and science of traditional mediation garlands designed in a unique and modern way.

Inspire peace and connection to your inner harmony by using this ancient tool of wisdom, learn about a form through which we practice contemplation on our purpose and how daily reflection leads to a more meaningful life. Use the garlands and feel their effects, with over 50 designs on display.  

Each Mala in the Gallery has been made for a purpose and particular awakening of energy, designed to help you connect to your higher self. They offer support through their beauty, the tradition and the energy the carry. Undertand more, asks questions and be inspired.

You may also like to participate in a mantra practice to experience how the beaded garlands lifts the minds tensions and ease us into one-pointed focus on our perfect vision for life.

Discover unique crystals from around the world and Himalayan Rudraksha seeds, we are fortunate to house some of the rarest gems from around the world and have made them into jewellery for your soul. Learn about these different crystals, their effects and why these 'gifts of the earth' are so profound. 


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