AURA | Gold Quartz Herkimer

Radiating Golden Light. Gold Quartz (Naturally occurring Gold found in Quartz) and  Herkimer Diamonds

Gold Quartz brings the energy of the solar system to the soul of the wearer and aligns our human consciousness with ‘all that is’, our personal understanding determines our ability to use this crystal. It is very beneficial for healers and awakened souls for making greater energies available for humanity. Used to attain and maintain high levels of spiritual awakening and incite healing on all levels this is an excellent crystal for all healing situations and to promote the recognition of methods required for healing to take place.

Herkimer Diamonds are high energy seekers of the crystal world. They manifest pure, solid Light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. As perfect conduits of the universal Life Force, they are exceptional healing crystals, used in meditation Dream and vision work they offer advanced spiritual experiences. Herkimer Diamonds have the ability to transmit and receive spiritual energy and to amplify and focus it intently.

*This bracelet will fit a 15.5-16cm wrist, for customised size please include your wrist measurement in teh notes section at checkout.