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LAKSHMI Mala Bracelet

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Amethyst, Lavender Quartz, Ruby Jade, Clear Quartz, Rudraksha

Lakshmi Mala Bracelet for Inner Wealth

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Lakshmi is the Goddess prosperity and supports those who call on her to realise all encompassing, everlasting happiness.  Lakshmi's blessings and energy grants happiness to those who are open to receive her grace by being pure, thoughtful honest and helpful. 

She is also a Goddess of Beauty and Love.  Lakshmi is often depicted sitting or standing upon a Lotus Flower and is frequently shown carrying the beautiful blossoms.  A significant symbol of Lakshmi, lotus blossoms signify spiritual awakening, spiritual understanding and peace. 

Lakshmi assists with our spiritual ascension, illuminating our True Self so that we may remember our Divine Heritage and realign with our Source of Universal Wisdom.  With this remembrance, illusions that have kept us in fear and have kept us from our true happiness are brought into the Light so that our Divine Truth may illuminate and clear our path for a joyful, fulfilling life experience to transpire.  

Aligned with Love, Beauty and Happiness, the energy that Lakshmi brings is bright, beautiful and Her every expression is presented with tremendous love.


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