KUMBHA MELA Realise and Purify all past Karma Mala

7mm AAAA Grade rare Kyanite with AAA Grade of Sunstone, Herkimer Diamonds, Labradorite and the Rudraksha seed with Sterling Silver charms. Now with pink tassel. 

The healing, releasing and letting go required to embody Divine Truth is captured in this mala. A combination or high grade crystals, works to keep you warm, safe and protected.

Move boldly on the path you desire, empowered by the lessons, and clarity that your purpose fulfils through clearing all you have been through. This mala is a blessing that guides you to acknowledge and accept how incredible you are and what a magnificent journey you have been on.

You now require courage to shine the light regardless of differing opinions so that all may walk forward on the harmonious path of universal care, self-love and true purpose.

YOU are light, this mala is your support to embody the eternal truth of who you are. 

Sunstone assists one in navigating through life with a deep sense of loving abundance. Kyanite clears all blockages with the body and aura while instilling confidence and awareness. Labradorite connects one with more than is seen and offers a deep knowing of all that can be, thus removing doubts. Herkimer Diamond is a powerful manifestation crystal, used as the Guru bead it awakens us to our true potential and incredibly positive destiny. Rudraksha is the seed of consciousness and will always draw us back to source ensuring we are safe and protected.

The past is past, this mala allows you to fully release it, embrace the lessons learnt and move into the fulfillment of your ultimate purpose.

These pure AAA grade energetic crystals awaken incredible faith in oneself (inner Divine self) and in one's capacity to achieve all heartfelt wishes. 'It will be' is your mantra for this mala.  

Herkimer Quartz "Diamonds"are for: Manifestation - Pure Energy - Healing - Universal Energy & Advanced Souls.These are High energy seekers of the crystal world. They manifest pure, solid Light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. As perfect conduits of the universal Life Force, they are exceptional healing crystals, used in meditation Dream and vision work they offer advanced spiritual experiences. Herkimer Diamonds have the ability to transmit and receive spiritual energy and to amplify and focus it intently.

Kyanite is for: Meditation - Purification - Purity - Perfection - Protection - Super human. Kyanite never needs to be cleansed, it doesn't hold or store negative energy or vibrations. The energy of kyanite is unlimited in application, making it one of the best attunement malas. Kyanite aligns all the chakras automatically and immediately without the need for conscious direction. Kyanite dispels anger and frustration, it supports clarity with respect to mental awareness and linear reasoning. It induces perseverance and stimulates energy to to support one in the continuation of projects. It also facilitates meditation. 

Sunstoneacts as: Cleansing - Energising - Vital Energy -  Radiance - Protection.  It Provides for brightening the chakras which allows one to exhibit freshness. Assisting in gently removing hook-ups which have infiltrated the energy centres and allows them to be released after surrounding them in love and positive energy. Imbibes worthiness for luck and independence. Provides immense protection in all areas and allows one to expand in radiance. 

Labradorite  assists with: Telepathic Communication - Prophecy - Auras - Energy. Allowing you to feel the energy you need to move beyond fear and remove the obstruction of self-doubt in any situation. Heralds the onset of a wonderful time and discovery of gifts within. Labradorite helps you remember to live in your highest vibration and be of service through your voice and positive expression. As you learn to have greater trust in yourself psychic abilities and telepathic communication enhance allowing you greater strength in communication and in areas of service.  

OM TAT SAT  Divine So It Is

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