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JAYA Victory Mala Bracelet


Apatite and Sterling Silver coated Rudraksha

Communication - Expression - Spiritual Love & Insight

Apatite works to strengthen the intellect and promote the realisation of ones inherent strength through spirituality and love, hence dissolving aloofness and negativity. These energies are related to service and humanitarian pursuits. Valuable crystal bracelet with Rudraksha for those who teach and recognise the importance of sharing their own deep insights and communicating messages for the benefit of others evoloution.

The Rudraksha seed is a blessing to keep and wear because it carries a powerful vibration which protects against negative energy and takes the wearer to teh source of spirituality. It protects against environmental factors and the stress emitted from modern technology by creating a shield around the wearer. It keeps the bodies bioenergy in balance and harmonises the environment around oneself or in the place the seeds are kept.

Throughout recorded history cultures have valued crystals and believed they possess magical and spiritual healing properties. Crystals and Rudraksha seeds are living energies and all Shivoham Malas are designed with harmonious and beneficial unions of them. Every mala is created with a purpose and intention to bring about healing and personal transformation.

*Send your wrist size after ordering, standard womens fits 15.5cm wrist/mens fits 19.5cm wrist*