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ICCHA Power of Purpose Mala

Rudraksha with Azurite, Apatite & Matt Black Onyx.

This Mala really speaks for itself, it creates a solid shield around the wearer so the purpose, passion and will is brought into positive action. To wear this mala means to act for the highest good of all. Your purpose, energy and talents are needed in this world.

Azurite provides guidance and supports the recognition of intuitive information it is thus known as the benefactor of giving what is required in any situation. This crystal supports communication from the 'heart' and breaks down impediments in progress. Onyx encourages wise decision making and brings balance to your whole being, it supports you to become the master of your own destiny. Apatite strengthens the intellect and promotes the realisation of ones inherent calling through spirituality and love. Apatite works magically with all the other crystals as is strengthens the inherent properties of everything around it. Apatite's energies are also beneficial to humanitarian pursuits and is extremely valuable to those who teach and lead others in a positive way of life. Rudraksha is the pure seed of consciousness, storing the positive energies required for attaining union with source. It's a boon to wear.

All Shivoham Malas are guaranteed highest quality materials and craftsmanship. We pride our pieces on authenticity, devotion and the blessing they carry. 

Throughout recorded history cultures have valued crystals and believed they possess magical and spiritual healing properties. Crystals are living energies and all Shivoham Mala designs offer a harmonious and beneficial union of these earth and universal energies to help us achieve ultimate healing. Each mala is put together intentionally with the purpose of providing the highest possible vibration for any particular purpose; universal love, compassion, understanding, awareness, insight, confidence, freedom, self care and self-confidence as examples.

Each traditional meditation Mala has 108 beads, plus the Guru or Bindu bead which signifies the attainment of the Ultimate reality.

A mala is a spiritually significant and meaningful item, often worn and used for meditation and mindfulness practices, it is a combination of beautiful crystals or just Rudraksha worn symbolically to harness an infinite source of energy and tune us into our higher power. A mala reminds us of our inner self and continuously draws our awareness toward meditation. 

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