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Chryscolla, Hawks Eye and Rudraksha. 

Calling you to be uninhibited, honest in your feelings and free in your dealings. It calms the Muladhara (base) and Svadisthana (solar plexus), stimulates the energy of the Manipur (navel) and releases emotional pain from the Anahata (heart).

Helping one attune to the earth and listen to the spiritual forces that give understanding of what is required for healing, it enhances physical vitality, health and nourishment on all levels and helps one make wise choices with regards to nourishment. 

"Chrysocolla can help to regenerate the pancreas, to assist in regulation of insulin and balance blood sugar. It can strengthen the muscular structure and has been used in treatment of blood disorders. It has produced excellent results in re-oxygenation of the cellular structure and seems to furnish greater lung capacity to instill increased breathing capabilities. Used in the treatment of muscle cramps and spasms".

Hawks Eye reminds the wearer that he is a spiritual being having an earthly experience. Giving oneself grace and acceptance, life has been granted to fulfil a purpose, you are here because you are meant to have the strength to follow it. We support you!  


Men’s bracelets fit 19cm wrist, send your wrist measurement if you’d like a different size.