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Healing Yoga

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* NEW PROGRAM, Month by Month format. 

Healing Yoga sessions are 90 minutes with Shivjyoti, allowing time for all aspects of a comprehensive Yoga practice: Movements; asanas, breathing; pranayama, meditation; dharana, relaxation; yoga nidra, and wisdom; satsang.

Each of these aspects of Yoga form an integral part of this life changing and inner potential awakening, ancient science. Properly understood, integrated and practiced Yoga supports the purification of our energy, and awakening of the chakras, leading to greater self-understanding and ability to meditate. 

Classes are systematic and work through awakening of the chakras, with the greatest care for your personal development and life path. Understand the philosophy of Yoga and the potential for your body, mind and spirit. With extensive knowledge and practical experience over decades on the Yoga path Shivjyoti guides you in developing your own practice with permanent, positive changes n every area of life.  

Equipment is provided and groups are limited.

email: with any questions