BABA Mala ‘Haidakan’ Shiva Shakti Consciousness

Shri Yantra Hand carved in Himalayan clear quartz with Sterling Silver case. Moonstone, Onyx, Gold Quartz with natural copper inclusions and Rudraksha. 

Awakening the energy of divine consciousness and connection within the source of the wearer. Attracting and energising cosmic awareness, purity and protection. Acting as a symbol of divine love and allowing for the flow of love for all humanity to radiate and bless.

The wearer will experience the flow of grace and be absorbed in the experience of divine consciousness, surrounded by light. 

Beneficial for those seeking exceptional energies and making them available to humanity. Helping to attain and maintain high levels of insight to promote the recognition of methods required for complete purification to take place.

The uses of this mala are extensive and should be used by one with spiritual insight and an established practice.


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