BABA Mala ‘Haidakan’ Shiva Shakti Consciousness

Spiritual Union - Expansion - Transformation - Healing - Connection - Shiva Shakti 

Shri Yantra Hand carved in Himalayan clear quartz with Sterling Silver case. Moonstone, Onyx, Gold Quartz with natural copper inclusions and Rudraksha. 

Awakening the energy of divine consciousness and connection to source within the wearer. Feel the Blessings of Haidakan Baba and attract the energy of cosmic awareness, purity and protection. Acting as a symbol of divine love, you will fall in love with all humanity on the path of perfection with this mala, feeling yourself as a channel of divine love.  

Blessing the wearer with the flow of grace, this mala absorbs one in the experience of divine atman, surrounded by light and acting as the channel of inspiration for yours and others awakening. 

Align human consciousness and cosmic consciousness with the energy and blessing of Haidakan Baba. 

Beneficial for those who help others, making exceptional energies available for humanity. Also helps in attaining and maintaining high levels of insight to promote the recognition of methods required for complete purification to take place.

"If one is fortunate enough to become an earth-keeper for this mala it's uses are extensive"


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