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ENLIGHTEN Mala Bracelet

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Realise your Highest Potential, Expand Possibilities and fuel you inner strength.

Labradorite, Apatite, Rudraksha, Matt Black Onyx

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A Stunning and Magnificent combination for Light Warriors. 

Receive all you need to move beyond fear and release self-doubt. This mala is symbolic of and heralds the onset of a wonderful time and discovery of the gifts and talents within. Helps you remember and live in your highest vibration, be of service to the world and have trust in your purpose allowing for greater strength and communication and in all areas of life.  

Labradorite: Telepathic Communication - Prophecy - Auras - Energy
Allowing you to feel the energy you need to move beyond fear and remove the obstruction of self-doubt in any situation. Heralds the onset of a wonderful time and discovery of gifts within. Labradorite helps you remember to live in your highest vibration and be of service through your voice and positive expression. As you learn to have greater trust in yourself psychic abilities and telepathic communication enhance allowing you greater strength in communication and in areas of service.

Onyx: Powerful Balance - Integrity - Decision Making - Wisdom - Clarity - Confidence
A mineral excellent for balancing and bringing your whole being into alignment with higher powers. It's encouraging and used for wise decision making, also opening you up to experience happiness and good fortune. Onyx can assist in seeing dualities and to bring balance of yin and yang to the whole totality, help you become a master of your destiny.

Apatite: Communication - Expression - Spiritual Love - Calirvoyance
Strengthen the intellect and promotes realisation of ones inherent strength through spirituality and love, hence dissolving aloofness and negativity. Apatite world magically with other crystals as is strengthens the inherent properties of everything around it. Apatite's energies are related to service and humanitarian pursuits. It is an extremely valuable crystal for those who teach and have an important message to communicate. 

RUDRAKSHA is an ancient spiritual bead used by sages and yogis to create a cocoon of your positive energy. It harmonises your environment and balances the bodies biorhythms. The beads, being strung together in a mala traditionally have 108 beads plus the Guru bead, as a symbol of your inner reality and to enhance the potential when using your mala in meditation.

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