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DEVIANI Goddess Mala

Rosewood, Strawberry Quartz, Ruby Jade, Rose Quartz

Use this mala to set your intention for growth into the feminine divine, the crystals will carry your intention and help it manifest. This mala combines feminine crystals for supporting you to bring forth your essential nature and be confident in your true self.

Feel softened yet strengthened by the combined energy of these crystals and rosewood. This is SHIVOHAM's only mala with rosewood.

Enhancing the subtle strength of feminine grace and receptivity, this is a beautiful mala to wear all day, every day.

Stimulates the heart centre bringing the energy of love to the whole person and environment, it also offers guidance in the respect of enjoying each moment. This is a special crystal made available for one who is ready to receive and emit the energy of total love and acceptance.


Known as the 'star of fire' and 'star of purity' Ruby Jade assists in refining the inner will and making way for love based forces to exist more strongly in ones life, this crystal assists one in directing love to any person or any place in the world, and maintaining relationships no matter how far the distances may be.


Assisting one in the removal of negativity and re-instating the gentle forces of self-love, nurturing and care. It brings peacefulness and calm to relationships. Promoting receptivity Rose Quartz is used to create everlasting love and offers the release and healing of 'old wounds'. 

This Special Mala will bring much happiness, love and care to the one who owns it, it feels special and soft, nurturing and graceful. Om SoHam

Finished with a Rose Quartz Pendant and knotted between each bead.

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