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Crystal Children's Mala

New 6mm Kunzite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Rudraksha 

Attune to the cycles of nature and the moon, know you are here to bring love and light to your family and community.

This mala offers a shield of protection for the wearer and offers peace and contentment, it nourishes the soul of the wearer and supports sleep, positive dreams and self nourishment. 

Kunzite stimulates the heart and synthesises the energies within to produce loving communication. It penetrates self-love and a powerful peace though the inner core of ones being. Connected to the infinite source of Love it provides purity on all levels. 

Moonstone is a vehicle of calm, peace and balance. it is tranquil, enchanting, creative and harmonises the energies within.

Rose Quartz facilitates the experience of unconditional love, and the ability to enter life with forgiveness and understanding ahead of time! Imbued with wisdom and compassion this special crystal allows the wearer to experience self-acceptance as it washes out toxic energies that have been trapped inside. Leading to an enhanced overall state of wellbeing and loving peace.

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