Full Moon Meditation Program

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Yoga Nidra, Mantras, Satsang, Meditation, Shankalpa, Discourse

7.30 - 9pm Monday 30th November 

Meditation and Spiritual insight at the time of Full Moon confer the same benefit as a whole months worth of Meditation, such is the powerful energy that streams through the body, assisting in the release of energy blockages and resulting in a positive and natural flow of energy when properly directed.  

Meditation and insight at the time of full moon time offers us a powerful opportunity to receive clarity and fresh energy, assisting in the release of the past. Experience inner peace and awaken inner light, connecting you to soul power and soul purpose.

True Meditation offers us stillness which we carry through life, to bring balance and harmony into all we do.

Join Shivjyoti, an experienced spiritual mentor for an awakening evening.  

Bookings are Essential.

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