Fearless Light Warrior

K2 Granite Azurite and clear Russian Herkimer Diamonds

From the World's 2nd tallest mountain in the Himalayas comes K2, an amazing rare and powerful gem for intuition, strength, power and fortitude, bringing amazing results into all areas of ones life. Also known as granite azurite this crystal gemstone is porous and will darken with wear, we believe it's even more powerfully beautiful as it does.

This bracelet combines the pure light receiving herkimer diamond which acts in manifesting your power, strengths and gifts in the world. It embodies universal life force and and is exceptionally healing.

With K2 this bracelet emits a healing force that clears all obstructions.Expect life to change. 

*please Include your wrist measurement in the notes when checking out for customised size, a standard size for women will be a loose fit for 15.5cm wrist.