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Envisioning Workshop | Overcoming the fear of living your highest calling | Half day workshop

Sunday 13th October
1 - 5pm

Join an afternoon to re-focus on your true self's calling with Spiritual Teacher, founder of Shivoham; Shivjyoti, and successful business coach Louise Mc Call.

In this workshop you'll overcome fears and energy blockages that hinder you from living the potential you were destined to create.

This is a special launch event to be held on the Full Moon, known as Sharad Purnima in October. The significance of this day, which occurs annually is in honour of Goddess Lakshmi, she grants abundance, prosperity and wealth for those who engage her through ritual, which is part of this workshop. 

This workshop is about progress in all areas of life, wealth, business and personal relationships. 

Discover and Learn:

* Effective techniques to protect your energy and environment. Learn the four step ritual.  

*Awareness of the ‘energy drain triggers’. Acknowledgement and action steps. 

Immersive Envisioning. An experience to see the true you. 

Reclaiming your power, the unique you and your personal action plan.