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DRISTI Loving Awareness Mala

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Lavender Quartz and Rudraksha help with the recognition of being worthy, loved, accepted and able to be completely nourished by the abundance of natures gifts around you. Our Divine, loved Lavender Mala helps stimulate the intellect in situations requiring mastery and supports the process of fully integrating the entirety of ones personality.

Awakening the faculties of Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Clairvoyance. It is a truly loving crystal which channels energy through the heart and offers healing and awakening with respect to pure love. This mala creates a positive vibration around the wearer shielding from negativity and helping one avoid distress / stressful situations.

Beads are 8mm, silk tassel and Shivoham silver crescent moon. Mala has been blessed through Puja ceremony in Haridwar India. 

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