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DHARMA Truth Purpose Mala

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Guruji first gave the idea for this mala, indicating the combination between Rudraksha, Clear Quartz and Pearl was very beneficial for a spiritual aspirant. He remarked that it will greatly support meditation and spiritual development, along with peace of mind and inner tranquility. 


Faith - Sincerity - Purity - Spirituality - Charity - Fertility

Your Pure intentions are seen by those with spiritual eyes and you'll find in them the support you so desire. Maybe all don't recognise your light, but it's not necessary they do, be content that those who understand you are the ones meant for you. Relish in the softness around you. Your strength is your faith, your sincerity, your spirituality. Rest assured the divinity sees you, and your not alone. You will be served and those who know you truly will serve you. Rest assured, rest assured you are loved, you are loved.


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