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DHARMA Perfection Mala

This combination is recommended for all spiritual seekers as the qualities of pearl, crystal and the Rudraksha enhance all spiritual practices and provide protection with enhancing and maintaining the spiritual vibrations of the wearer achieved through Sadhana. 

By assisting the wearer to move beyond limitations. It promotes peace, understanding and forgiveness towards oneself and thus, naturally, for all. It stimulates the Heart Chakra.

This Dharma Mala is the Ultimate Spiritual Companion, blessed and inspired by Vishwaguruji for Peace, Meditation, Purity and Light.

A Divine combination of all that is positive, beneficial and gently powerful, guiding one on the path to great fulfilment, inner peace and spirituality.

The pearl symbolises faith, charity, innocence and sincerity. They promote honesty, purity, wisdom, charity and personal integrity. Due to its watery and lunar elements, it is quite balancing for the emotions

Pearls help to balance the human body’s natural rhythms and hormone levels with lunar cycles. This stone will bring you inner wisdom and help to strengthen and nurture the growth of pure love. It will teach you to open up and find the meaning and the purpose of your “true self.” They enlighten the mind and inspire the mood, while helping you to learn to love yourself more and, in turn, love others more, as well. Pearl enhances feelings of good will and positive, uplifting feelings. Pearls balance and heals all chakras. The pearl helps in the search for higher wisdom and truth.

Wearing this blessed mala, will help you harmonise and strengthen the energy field around you, helping you manifest the qualities of peace and sincerity, and all around you will sense that in your presence. 

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