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SANTOSH Contentment | Throat Chakra Mala

AAA Grade Crystals; 8mm Blue Lace Agate, Rudraksha, Moonstone, Clear Quartz. Gold Polished Sterling Silver with cotton tassel.

Self love, Joy and Bliss.

This mala offers love as self-acceptance, worthiness and confidence to express one’s true feelings. It helps live the way of a healer and light worker in this world while moving forward on the path of self-love.

The energy of the Santosh Mala is useful for the heart, throat, third-eye and crown chakras. It activates the chakras to brings one into higher frequency states of awareness.

It can also help you in reaching extremely high spiritual states. Providing inspiration when attuning to ones higher self.

Blue Lace Agate 

Spiritual - Higher Chakras - High Frequency

This energy is useful for the heart, throat, third-eye and crown chakras. Activating these chakras it helps bring one to higher frequency states of awareness. It can help one reach extremely high spiritual states and provides incredible inspiration when used for attunment with ones higher self. 

Clear Quartz

Harmony - Meditation - Protection - Purity - Health - Infinite Possibilities 

This most powerful crystal is one of infinite possibilities. It has a capacity of offer whatever you need to ask from or seek it’s help with. For example success, clarity, protection, energy. Clear Quartz clears inhibitions so you live your life on your terms with connection to the divine power that sustains everything. Clear quartz is a remarkable and extremely helpful crystal in any application.


Feminine - Emotions - Healing - Harmony 

Moonstone has been revered as a perfect expression of the feminine energy and her connection with the changing nature of life, it helps women to connect with and honour their cycles, their femininity and grace, all necessary to achieve harmony and lasting happiness. The moonstone is a vehicle of calm, peace and balance.

The tranquility of moonstone has a sensual, other-worldly quality to it and is infused with an enchanting soft glow, receptive like the feminine yet bold and creative like her deeper nature, it harmonises the energies of every women and offers a very nourishing vibration that works towards healing any imbalances. Moonstone the master healer for women -helping you regain and maintain your true power and inner balance.


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