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CROWN CHAKRA Fulfilling Destiny Mala

Realise you are your Dreams, they are calling. Your Divine Destony Awaits. A higher calling of your soul. There is still more to claim.

Walk into your destiny in the highest vibration, that of your true self. 

Gold Quartz, Citrine, Herkimer Diamond & gold coated Rudraksha. Silk tassel and Shivoham crescent moon.

This mala radiates the energy of the Crown Chakra. Gold Quartz is known as the crystal of the Sahasrara energy centre, it helps you activate your higher self, embrace your dreams and believe in all that you are. 

Herkimer Diamond Guru Bead holds your dreams and impressions, make sure to set a high intention as this bead will radiate it out into the universe. Citrine is the gemstone of abundance and prosperity consciousness.   

An incredibly high vibrational mala for those ready to shine on their destiny path. 

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