GAYATRI Creativity Mala Bracelet

Bracelet to support you in your Soul Power.

Malachite, Obsidian, Lavender Quartz, Labradorite, Rudraksha.

Imbibe magnificent strength with this custom made mala for entrepreneurs. For those who want to lead with compassion and empathy, leading all to greatness within themselves, their work and their passion. You will feel empowered wearing this mala to be a leader of the future, the leader everyone loves, is influenced by and who gives from their heart and soul for the greatest good. Be in the most rewarding position of Life, that of a giver, an influencer a truly passionate leader.

RUDRAKSHA is an ancient spiritual bead used by sages and yogis to create a cocoon of your positive energy. It harmonises your environment and balances the bodies biorhythms. The beads, being strung together in a mala traditionally have 108 beads plus the Guru bead, as a symbol of your inner reality and to enhance the potential when using your mala in meditation.

MALACHITE: Healing - Change - Insight - Loyalty - Patience - Purpose
Wearing Malachite jewellery heralds a time of positive change and supports profound healing. You will feel compelled to easily let go of the past and see the way of your future being paved ahead of you, be ready to experience the true vision of your self. Malachite helps you realise how much positive has stemmed from your past, no matter how hard it may have been to go through, you are in a better place now, and will be in a much better place in the future. See everything unfolding as a divine gift to help and support you move forward. Place your trust in the hands of the divine and know that all is well and every choice you have made and is being made now, is necessary and is helping you unfold more love and wisdom through the journey of life.

OBSIDIAN: Empowerment - Protection - Ideas - Talents
Obsidian reminds you of the magnificent talents you have hidden within you, to date you may have kept them hidden, almost nurturing and protecting them. The fertile landscape within has kept then incubated till now, as it dawns the time for their release into the world you are asked to remember how much love you've put into empowering yourself to share and will now seek the practical means to give your inspirations, ideas and talents as your spiritual gift into the world, it's time to shine your light.

LAVENDER QUARTZ: Clairsentience - Clairaudience - Clairvoyance
With all the same properties as rose quartz this special crystal also facilitates the third eye awareness and intuition promoting clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance. It helps with intellectual and direct responses to situations requiring mastery and is a true asset to have this crystal which integrates all aspects of ones personality.

LABRADORITE: Telepathic Communication - Prophecy - Auras - Energy Allowing you to feel the energy you need to move beyond fear and remove the obstruction of self-doubt in any situation. Heralds the onset of a wonderful time and discovery of gifts within. Labradorite helps you remember to live in your highest vibration and be of service through your voice and positive expression. As you learn to have greater trust in yourself psychic abilities and telepathic communication enhance allowing you greater strength in communication and in areas of service.  

A mala is a spiritually significant and meaningful item, often worn and used for meditation and mindfulness practices, it is a combination of beautiful crystals or just Rudraksha worn symbolically to harness an infinite source of energy and tune us into our higher power. A mala reminds us of our inner self and continuously draws our awareness toward meditation.

*Send your wrist size after ordering, standard womens fits 15.5cm wrist*

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